Guillaume MOREL

Fractional CTO / Startup
FullStack Web Developer

I help CEOs to create complex web and mobile products 🚀.

I believe that with the right mindset
    and using emerging technologies,
        small companies can compete with big ones.

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Guillaume MOREL

Startup CTO

Soft Skills
  • Grit
  • Empathy
  • Humility 🍪

I'm not only a Start-Up CTO, a Project Manager, and a founder.
I still remain a Software Engineer.

I can help you

to audit your existing team and your codebase 🕵️‍♂️ and to give you a pragmatic roadmap to improve it.
to build a team and coach them in order to increase their velocity 🌱
to create your next SaaS project following your vision

My History

These last 10 years I got specialized in developing complex web applications. First in web agencies for international customers such as Michelin, Sanofi, Total and Auchan. Then I joined the startup world.


I'm using my experience in order to build robust and maintainable applications while remaining pragmatic. I follow Lean Startup and Domain Driven Design advice. It makes sure your strategy and your end users remain at the heart of the conception.

I'm currently technical co-founder at But I still have some time to help other startups.

100% remote ?

Yes, but with the right tools: optic fiber, HD web cam and a high quality microphone. All this coupled with an online whiteboard perfect for collaboration.

In order to build trust, working remotely obviously requests transparency.



Startups journey embarked


Developers managed
during the peaks

16 y

I began coding games
in Flash in 2004

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