Guillaume MOREL

Interim CTO / Startup
FullStack Web Developer

I help CEOs to create complex web and mobile products 🚀.

I believe that with the right mindset
    and using emerging technologies,
        small companies can compete with big ones.

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Guillaume MOREL

Startup CTO

Soft Skills
  • Grit
  • Empathy
  • Humility 🍪

I'm not only a CTO and a Project Manager.
I still remain a Software Engineer.

I can help you

to create your next SaaS project following your vision
to build a team and coach them in order to increase their velocity 🌱

My History

These last 10 years I got specialized in developing complex web applications. First in web agencies for international customers such as Michelin, Sanofi, Total and Auchan. Then I joined the startup world.


I'm using my experience in order to build robust and maintainable applications while remaining pragmatic. I follow Lean Startup and Domain Driven Design advice. It makes sure your strategy and your end users remain at the heart of the conception.

I'm currently technical co-founder at But I still have some time to help other startups.

100% remote ?

Yes, but with the right tools: optic fiber, HD web cam and a high quality microphone. All this coupled with an online whiteboard perfect for collaboration.

In order to build trust, working remotely obviously requests transparency.


How I work

I try to follow this process inspired by the Lean StartUp methodology:

Request changes

then iterate again

List features


Assess features

Too Fast / Normal / Nice


and test writing


You try it

time to take some hindsight

Take a step back

and learn

Missing (or Useless)

features are discovered


Startups journey embarked


Developers managed
during the peaks

16 y

I began coding games
in Flash in 2004

Have a project in mind?

Let's get to work